Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Bioshock Infinite First Impressions.

Well I played Bioshock Infinite for 6 hours last night and not a single achievement. They must actually be hard to get this time. No 'Walk out of the starting area' for Levine which is good. I started the game on medium just because I have to admit I'm super curious about the story and where it will go. My next play through I will try 1999 mode I think.

The characters are great so far but I find it a little obvious that all is not what it seems in Columbia unlike Rapture where you were pretty much kept in the dark the entire game. Elizabeth is wonderful and I find her probably the least annoying escort NPC in the history of time. She hands you ammo, med kits and even revives you at a cost to your cash. She also picks locks and solves codes. Her voice acting is wonderful and you really get the sense of her character. I get a wizard of Oz vibe from Elizabeth's time rips as they appear in grainy black and white against the technicolour background. Indeed even her clothes remind me of Dorothy Gale.

The graphics are great. I'm playing on ultra on my PC and they look perfect. It's nice to play a game with some actual colour for once.

The combat was a little overwhelming at first especially coming from a game like dishonored but it got better once I got the hang of using my plasm...I mean vigors. They are really good fun. My favourite so far I think is the bucking bronco which gives you an amazing advantage over other vigor users that come to attack you. 

The most affecting thing about the game so far for me is the racist themes in it. It really makes you wonder how anyone could have thought it was right to treat people that way and really encourages me to shoot the bastards. 

Well I'm off to play again woohoo (sorry Ni No I'll play you soon I promise :)

PS You can play 1999 mode from the very start by inputting the Konami Code. x

Monday, 25 March 2013

Current Gaming Habits

What I'm playing at the moment. I will write more about each game later:

I just bought a Playstation 3 for cheap off my friend Dominic and I ordered Ni No Kuni straight away (even payed extra for 2nd day delivery) and it was totally worth it. I really love this music which is from the section 'The Fairygrounds' performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic. You can really imagine fairies marching along to it a sort of organised chaos!

I'm keeping up a village called 'Asgard' on Animal Crossing for the Gamecube. I have 'Animal Crossing New Leaf on preorder for the 3DS and I'm super excited for it. It's just the ultimate chill out game on a great handheld! I've been watching these Journal entries by Josh of Bit Block on Youtube. He is really a entertaining Let's Player. 

I've been playing Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam with my best friend Dave who you will probably hear a lot about and my friend Dominic. It's really fun just to do a new PVE campaign from the Workshop I think the best one we have played so far was 'Diescraper' which Dave thought was something in German at first... We have also gone back to Diablo 3 recently. I have a 60 Wizard and a 60 Hardcore Barbarian, but since I've been distracted by Ni No Kuni I haven't been helping much. (I think Dave is proper annoyed :p but I gots Shadar to defeat en it mun) 

I have also been dipping my toe into Dishonored which I have been playing on hard and trying to get a no kill no alert run. I did the entire first level 100% but somebody I had made unconscious must have been eaten by rats so now I have to do it all over again. Stupid tasty man and his delicious flesh. 

And then OF COURSE

As of now BIOSHOCK INFINITE IS PLAYABLE in 6 hours!!!! I have preloaded it and I just cannot wait to play this game. I have been waiting for it since before Skyrim for heavens sake. I love love love the Steampunk theme. It's going to be amazing. I also got a free copy of XCOM:EU out of it so I'm a very happy bunny.

So that's the gist of what I'm up to game wise at the moment! Don't worry I won't be so enthralled that I won't keep you guys updated. 


I started this blog so I could pretty much talk about the games I'm playing and the comics I'm reading at the moment. Books and movies will probably creep in here too a long with anything else that captures my fancy.

I started gaming in 1984 at three years old when my dad took me round to a his friends house who lived up the street. He had an Atari 2600 and was really into technology  I was plonked down on the floor watching him play space invaders while they chatted. My dad was kind of a gadget fiend too (although I'd probably get smote from the heavens if I called him a nerd.) and they were enthusing about the sprites on screen. I can remember asking to play it and the guy laughing at me but he gave me the joystick and off I went. It was wonderful. I remember I loved the squashy noise as the invaders hit the shields the most. They watched me die a few times (oh come on I was three..) and then my dad said it was time to leave. I immediately burst into tears. That was the point where games ate my soul! *dramatic music*

Okay they didn't really eat my soul I still love fluffy bunnies but I was pretty smitten with them. Eventually my dad's friend gave me the system because I was playing it more than him. Having been able to sneak round under the guise of playing with his daughters Kylie and Amanda (My sister did the actual playing).

So the Atari 2600 was my first system and I loved it. Space Invaders is a wonderful game and I can see why the Japanese ran short of coins while it was in the arcade. It is very well designed. You can hide under the shields but then you waste needed time as the invaders descend upon you. Looking back the Atari's graphics look a bit like a robot sneezed but back then I guess we didn't know any better! It's great how we have gone from joystick with one button to thing's like the WII U controller.

Anyway that's my first blog post done. I hope I pick some people up along the way and they enjoy it.

Have a lovely day.